Urban Soul

Urban Soul is a concept of partnership. Who can you partner with to make an impact? Every local community has needs that can be met by those who are looking to serve where the live. It is usually not glamorous and often just requires work, often hard work that no one else really wants to do. So how do you volunteer to partner with your community to make a difference? Usually a phone call to a visit to city hall will open the door. 

Steps taken to create your own version of Urban Soul

Find A need

There is always a need, from elderly church members who cannot mow their own lawns, to the city that needs fire hydrants painted. Find your place and serve your community.

Do the work

This next generation is looking for a hands on experience of serving others. It will take time and effort but you are creating an environment where your disciples can impact and change their world. 

Build Relationships 

Giving your disciples the opportunity to serve grants them the right to speak and influence their community based on a relationship of servanthood.