Youth Pastors Retreat

Your Heart Matters

Is your family really first?   We thought is was important enough to sell the perfect house to become a horse rancher…. I have four years with her.   What if I was to lose my own daughter and gain the notoriety of being great?  Being someone?  Wrong thinking will affect your heart.

What are you priorities and are you intentional.   Case in point:  Language?  Some things are a matter of language.  Appointments?  Do you set them with everyone else except for your family?  Do you break those appointments all the time?   Set appointments with your family and keep them as a priority.  

Do relationships matter?  They must!!!  All that you have in life that lasts is relationships.  The number one group of people that are going to be there for you in thick and thin is your family.  

If you could make a change in favor of your family would you?   Who are you more loyal to,  your “church” than your family.   Ive  been on both sides of this issue.  Striking a proper balance of these two is vital.

Do you have an EGO?  Do you ever judge someone else from afar?  Do you see there EGO?  You might be confused, they might just have a work ethic…    A quote from that night.. "If you can give away your ego, you can give away your ministry" 


Don’t blame your senior pastor for you poor time management.  IF you roll in late to the office every day and leave early but you don't get your job done, how is that your pastor's fault?   Work smart and hard so you invest in your family time and future. 

Priority management    I have spent money on myself to become better.  I am worth the investment.   I paid to fly to Washington DC to DCLA with my friend Reggie.  It has opened doors for years with my students.  I have paid to get an education.  I paid to start Wired Inc…  You are worth your own investment. 

What is the trajectory of what you do?   Do you handicap yourself by your own belief system?   Money follows ministry.  Can you talk about your dream and ideas in such a way that it become infectious with others to get on board and go with you?     There are others who might want to do what you do but trajectory can limit their involvement.   

These are just a few of my thoughts.  If you have any other things that would be helpful to consider please post them in the comments section.   God Bless


Kevin Norwood